How it all started

Welcome to Black Turtle Coffee, a woman and Black-owned specialty coffee roastery and cafe based in Brigantine, New Jersey.

Our mission is to share first-class, luxury coffee experiences and make top-grade coffee accessible and affordable for everyone.

Co-founders Braeden Anderson and Selena Gabrielle, met in the bright lights and big city of New York. They were both business professionals with a love of business and entrepreneurship, but one other passion bonded them. Good coffee. When they chose to move to a South Jersey seashore town to start a family, they were unable to find premium, freshly roasted coffee like they had grown accustomed to. This sparked the idea that would lead to Black Turtle Coffee’s inception.

Our mission

We are on a mission to disrupt and demystify the craft coffee industry by providing education to coffee drinkers about the beans they are consuming.

In addition to providing luxury coffee experiences in-store, we also offer a variety of signature collection bagged coffee, such as medium roast (Bombshell), dark roast (Blackshell), light roast (Redshell), decaf (Blueshell), and unroasted (Greenshell) for customers to enjoy at home.

Check out our unique Black Turtle Coffee subscriptions and merchandise options! Join us in our pursuit of excellence, one sip at a time.

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