Single Origin: Why does it matter?

Single Origin: Why does it matter?

Imagine this: You’re at your local coffee shop in search of a new coffee to spice up your mornings. But as the behemoth of diverse selection and unfamiliar terms starts to overwhelm you, you wonder how you can start narrowing down to something you’ll enjoy. Well, if quality is a priority, be on the lookout for single origin coffee beans.

Single origin means that every bean was sourced from one farm. Unlike blends, which are lower grade beans sourced from multiple farms and/or regions, single origin is of the utmost quality and shines brightest on its own. Many factors like the amount of sun, acidity in the soil, and even the altitude can affect the taste of the final product, which is why having every bean come from not just the same region, but the same farm will greatly increase the consistency in the taste profile. This means that getting your coffee from Black Turtle Coffee, whether it is in store or online, you will get the same delicious Brazilian flavor.

Here’s the problem with blends… they kind of suck. When beans are gathered from many different places (often of unknown origin) it presents the challenge of creating blend that doesn’t taste like dirt. Many coffee companies will resort to over roasting their beans to create some amount of consistency in taste. Unfortunately, this means that their blends will be consistently worse than single origin.

At Black Turtle Coffee, we only source beans from a single origin. Our current selection of roasts come from the Mogiana region of Brazil. Mogiana is synonymous with premium coffee, and it has a rich history of entrepreneurial innovation. It all began with a few seeds planted in 1787, the same year John Adams became the second president of the United States. For 100 years, the coffee of São Paulo was being shipped from the famed port of Santos, and Brazilian beans managed to succeed where Napoleon did not, in conquering the world. This rich coffee culture continues today, and we are proud to say we roast single origin Mogiana beans.

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