Introducing: the Black Turtle Coffee Barista Tutorial Series

Introducing: the Black Turtle Coffee Barista Tutorial Series

Behind every great cup of coffee is a great barista. A great barista could be an experienced professional working for a respected boutique or large coffee conglomerate, but it could also be you, in your pajamas, at home, making delicious beverages for yourself and for your loved ones. Whether you are starting out and want to improve your Barista skills, or you just love coffee, the Black Turtle Coffee Barista Tutorial Series is for you!

Our first episode walks through how to make a perfect cappuccino.

Let’s begin by explaining the basics. What is a cappuccino? A cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink that originated in Austria with later development taking place in Italy, and is prepared with steamed milk foam. Variations of the drink involve the use of cream instead of milk, using non-dairy milk substitutes, and flavoring with syrups or powders.

Watching our Barista Tutorial Series is a great way for you to develop the necessary skills you will need in order to make your favorite Black Turtle Coffee espresso-based drinks.

Our videos will provide you with some entry-level skills to prepare and serve espresso and other espresso-based drinks at home, a restaurant or café, and virtually anywhere with access to an espresso machine. The series walks through a variety of traditional and classic beverage types, as well as some special ones of our own.

Episode #4, for example, teaches how to make a single shot using a basic automatic espresso machine.

Espresso is an Italian way of making coffee in highly concentrated shots. A single espresso shot is two ounces, and a double shot is four ounces. Espresso can be sipped in small cups, or used as the base for popular espresso drinks like the Americano, Irish Cream Caramel Latte ® (the BTC Original), cappuccino, and more.

Episode #6, on the other hand, demonstrates how to make our Banana Nut Latte.

This specialty beverage tastes as amazing as it sounds. It’s creamy, nutty, and just a little sweet. It makes for a great balance between a richer coffee drink and a healthy choice. We think this recipe pairs perfectly with an organic oat milk. Oat milk has a creamy texture and subtle sweetness that serve as a complement to the fruit and nut flavors.

Skipping ahead to episode #20, we show viewers how to make an iced dirty chai latte.

This is a wonderfully balanced beverage, and is one of my personal favorites. Again, starting with the basics: an iced dirty chai is a cup of masala chai (spiced Indian tea) that is infused with a delightful shot of espresso over ice. The dirty chai includes a single shot of espresso, which results in a sweeter taste and more caffeine than a traditional chai latte. Using espresso, a non-traditional ingredient, thereby, caused the drink to be called “dirty.” And to create a “double dirty chai,” two shots of espresso can be added.

We sincerely hope you enjoy watching our tutorial series as much as you enjoy drinking the beverages you’ll create with them.

A little background about us: Black Turtle Coffee is a premium coffee roastery and café based in Brigantine, New Jersey. We’re a specialty coffee retailer that was created with a mission to share first-class, luxury coffee experiences and make top-grade coffee accessible and affordable.

Co-Founder Selena Gabrielle explains that one of the disruptions that Black Turtle Coffee brings into the industry is providing customers with premium products and beverages. “The ability to access and appreciate premium coffee should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their prior coffee-related experience or sophistication. Everyone should enjoy premium, single-origin coffee, not just coffee experts and connoisseurs.”

In addition to providing luxury coffee experiences, Black Turtle Coffee also offers affordable, signature collection bagged coffee, ranging from the medium roast (Bombshell), dark roast (Blackshell), light roast (Redshell), decaf (Blueshell), and unroasted (Greenshell), and more, for customers to enjoy at home.

“No matter what type of coffee you like or what kind of coffee machine you use, we have a customized coffee subscription that will cater to your unique tastes and preferences.”

Please visit our website to learn more about #BTC and to subscribe to our selection of single origin coffees at our website here. Also, make sure to subscribe to our  YouTube channel to learn how to make other delicious coffee beverages!

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